Zadonsk History Museum

Lipetsk region, Zadonsk, Kommuny st., 14

Zadonsk History Museum was opened immediately after the revolution. The initiator of his creation was Gennady Mikhailovich Pavlov. In the mid-1930s the museum was closed, the fate of the first exhibits is unknown. The museum on a voluntary basis was recreated in the city in 1975.

It was first placed in the premises of the former city Uspensky Cathedral, one of the first it was closed under Soviet power. In 1997, the Assumption Cathedral was returned to the faithful. The museum moved to one of the most beautiful mansions in the city on Monastery Street (Kommuny Street). After the renovation, in 2000, a new exposition was created in this building, which acquaints with the distant past of the Upper Don, with the history of Zadonsk and its monasteries, with traditional peasant way of life, with remarkable people. In 2014, work was carried out to expand and update the museum's exposition. The visitors have a permanent exposition, which is located on the 1st and 2nd floors, field excursions, museum interactive programs, lectures on local history topics and much more.

Address: Lipetsk region, Zadonsk, Kommuny st., 14

Tel: 8 (474) 712-38-57