The Skornyakovo-Arhangelskoye estate

Усадьба Скорняково-Архангельское, Скорняково

“Usadba Skornyakovo-Arhangelskoye” or the Skornyakovo-Arhangelskoye estate is an estate of XIX century, situated in the village of Skornyakovo, Lipetsk Region. At different times it was owned by Nikolay Muravyov-Karsky, an Imperial Russian military officer and General of the Russian Army, Count Zakhar Grigoryevich Chernyshov or Tchernyshov, best known for the 1760 raid on Berlin, rose to become Minister of War to the empress Catherine the Great of Russia, and some other members of Russian nobility.

The Archangel Michael Church is the oldest consrtuction of the estate complex. It was built in 1812, under the graph of Ivan Grigorievich Chernyshev.

Now on the territory of the estate there are:

- ponds, made in the best European traditions.

- Restaurant "Balmont" with two rooms, designed to receive up to 100 people.

- Banquet and concert hall "Gallery", accommodating up to 300 people.

- The Archangel Michael Church.

- a three-level beach on the Don.

- guest house with a mezzanine, designed to accommodate up to 10 guests.

- Guest house "Birches", consisting of 4 double rooms with panoramic windows.

- Guest house "School", consisting of 3 double and 1 quadruple rooms.



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