The Meshchersky arboterum


The Meshchersky arboterum is located in Stanovlyansky District of Lipetsk Region.

It’s a big forest-steppe experimental breeding station (LOSS), with a unique collection of rare and endangered species of plants from Northern Europe, Asia and North America.

As an experimental LOSS institution was established in June 1924 based on the former manor house of D. D. Artsybashev, professor - dendrologist and expert in the field / agricultural machinery and agriculture, who was engaged in introduction from the end of the XIX century.

During the existence of forest-steppe plant a collection, numbering about 1186 species, 129 forms, 202 varieties, 163 subvarieties and hybrids of 118 trees and bushes from the northern regions of Europe, Asia and North America has been compiled. The collection includes 96 varieties of lilac breeding stations of L. A. Kolesnikov and the French company "Lemoine"; 38 varieties of syringa (Philadelphus) (FSUE selection - LOSS - 16, 22 - French), 102 rare and endangered species of plants listed in the Red Book. This collection is the elite gene pool of valuable ornamental plants, is the property of Russia.

In 1996, by the vurtue of the Decree of the Russian Government, the arboretum of federal importance was established on the basis of LOSS, mantaining reserve protection conditions in order to preserve the unique collection of plants; given the status of specially protected area; is subjected to Gosstroy of Russia.


Tel: 8 (474) 762-61-31

GPS : 52.96473,37.88871