"Kudykina Mountain" nature park

52.367494 , 38.766142

"Kudykina Mountain" is a wonderful place for a family holiday, where you can spend a whole day in fresh air, communicate with animals and relax from the city's bustle with benefit and interest. The park of 500 hectares is located in a picturesque place on the territory of a nature reserve, on banks of the Don River. Opened in 2007.

It is one of the most visited tourist attractions of the Zadonsky district and the entire Lipetsk region. In summer you will enter the City of Masters, buy interesting souvenirs, ride in a carriage on a farm with animals. In an open pen, horses, donkeys, sheep, ostriches, guinea fowl, peacocks, buffaloes, camels, lamas, deer, yaks, musk oxs, kangaroos and other animals are grazed. Crested ducks, runners and other waterfowl swim in the Kamenka River. In the park is the largest children's town in the Lipetsk region, an orchard, a wooden Scythian fortress with dimensions of 100 × 100 m, two springs, one of which is a saint, and on the other there is a font. There are huge wooden sculptures "The Trojan Horse" and "Bull". An artificial lake is organized. There is a riding school, classes on hippotherapy are held. In winter, the park organizes skis, skates, snowtubs, zorbing, ice caps for kids and other winter joys. The entrance to the park is free.



Tel:+7 (960) 140-50-00

GPS: 52.367494 , 38.766142