"Galichya Gora" reserve

52.601424 38.928362

Galichya Gora is a nature reserve located in Yeletsky District of Lipetsk Oblast and is administered by Voronezh State University. Galichya Gora was founded on 25 April 1925. The reserve is famous by its rich vegetation and unique fauna. It’s one of the smallest nature reserve in the world

The reserve consists of six different areas:

Galichya Gora, (the original reserve)

Morozova Gora (added on 5 May 1941)

Pluschan (added since 1953)

Bykova Sheya (added since 1953)

Voronov Kamen (added since 1953)

Vorgolskoe (added since 1953).

GPS: 52.601424 38.928362