Tourist Event Festival “Antonovka Apples” (“Antonovskiye Yabloki”)

г. Елец, Липецкая область, Россия

"Antonovka Apples" (“Antonovskiye Yabloki”) Festival


This is a large-scaled and spectacular event which has become the trademark of the region, and Yelets has become the event and cultural pearl of Lipetsk Region. The festival takes place in the historical center of the city of Yelets, where the architectural ensemble formed in the end of the XVII century – the beginning of the XX century has been preserved. The festival is associated with the life and creative work of great Russian writer Ivan Bunin. The basis of the festival’s concept is the writer’s works. The festival develops as a cultural dialogue of epochs: modern times and culture at the turn of the XX century. Creative venues operate at the festival, built on the basis of reminiscences of I. Bunin’s works: “Nobleman’s Garden”, “Rumyantsev’s Photographer’s Studio”, “Orlovskaya Street”, “Apple Market”. The festival contests are of great interest: Live Word, The Best Costume of the XIX-XX Centuries, From Grandmother’s Chest, Flower Market.

Interesting facts

 It has been held in Yelets since 2010. Antonovka Apples Festival has been a registered trademark since 2015. It was “The Best Event in Popularization of Event Tourist” at the RUSSIAN EVENT AWARDS.


399774, Russia, Lipetsk Region, city of Yelets, city park