“Kazachya Zastava” (Cossack Outpost) Festival

с. Казаки, Елецкий район, Липецкая область, Россия

“Kazachya Zastava” Festival


A giant open-air stage on Baronov meadow is made by the Cossacks of the village – farmers and entrepreneurs. Cossack kurens (unit of Cossack troop) line along both sides of the clearing as if for a parade. The groups present stylized huts, recreating their arrangement, household articles, handicrafts and certainly the cuisine. The festival program includes 2 contests: “Sing, Cossack’s heart!” in which participants present their vocal programs consisting of two songs, and “By Cossack’s Hut” – presentation of Cossack cuisine. You can see the following at the festival: “Stanitsa Kazachya” (Cossack Big Village) – exhibition-demonstration of Cossack everyday life; “Khutor Masterov” (Masters’ Small Village) – master classes in various kinds of decorative and applied arts; “StrYeletsky Rubezh” (Archers Line) – exhibition-demonstration of arms; “S Kazachim Azartom” (With Cossack Enthusiasm) – sports competitions; “Kazachata – Smelye Rebyata” (Little Cossacks Are Brave Guys) – a clearing for children’s games and amusements, and others. The festival atmosphere, the nature itself warmed by the gentle sun and filled with the smell of blooming plants, songs rising to the sky, Cossack special features, games and amusements leave unforgettable impressions.

Interesting facts

In 2015 more than 1000 participants and more than 5000 guests came to the festival. According to the old Russian tradition, a Cossack never left home without a blessing. Because of that the day started with the Divine Service in the St. George Church. “The Best Event in the Field of Culture” at the Russian Event Awards.


399746, Russia, Lipetsk Region, Yeletsky District, village of Kazaki

The program of the festival is built around two competitive nominations: "Sing, Cossack Soul" (performances of choral groups and Cossack ensembles) and "The Cossack Kuren" (a large-scale exhibition of works of decorative and applied art and culinary products). Guests will learn a lot about the Cossack life and visit the beautiful wedding ceremony of Cossack couples and meet young people.

For the time of the festival the organizers base a Cossack farm.

21 July

Arrival and accommodation of participants, the opening of a tent camp.

July 22

08.00 – worship in St. George the Victorious church.

09.30 - laying wreaths near the memorial complex to soldiers who died in the years of the Great Patriotic War.

10.00 - Round table and meeting with the Cadets in the framework of the Council of Atamans

11.00 - grand opening of the festival

11.30 - opening of the ethnostage "At the Cossack Kuren"

11.45 - theatrical ritual picture "Cossack wedding" (in the ethnostage)

12.15 - opening of the vocal competition "Sing the Cossack's soul!"

12.45 - theatrical ritual picture "Seeing the Cossack for service" (in the ethnostage)

13.15 - opening of the site "City of Masters"

13.45 - a theatrical ritual picture "Meeting the Cossack from the campaign" (in the ethnostage)

14.15 - opening of the site of competitions for the Ataman Cup - "Cossack boundary"

14.45 - theatrical ritual picture "The Feast of the First Pants" (in the ethnostage)

15.15 - opening of the site of chastushkas, dancing free and voluntary

The Cossack Quadrille.

15.45 - theatrical ritual picture "Pillows" (in the ethnostage)

16.15 - dzhigitovka / demonstration performances of equestrian clubs

17.30 - summing up the results of the competitions "Sing Cossack Soul", "Cossack Line"

18.30 - concert of the male folklore ensemble "Cossack circle"

19.30 - round table on traditional Cossack culture

21.00 - evening creative program "Fire to the sky - songs until the morning".

July 23

11.00 -14.00 - wedding of the Cossack couples

14.00 - departure of the festival participants