International Historical Reconstruction Festival “Ladeynoye Pole” (Sailboat Field)

Елецкий, Елецкий район, Липецкая область, Россия

“Ladeynoye Pole” Festival


International Youth Historical Reconstruction Festival “Ladeynoye Pole” was thought up as a festival presenting early Middle Ages history for residents and tourists coming to Lipetsk Region. There are boat races in categories of keel boats and flat-bottomed boats as a part of the festival, and exhibition performances for spectators. A special feature of this festival is strict time-limits and area-limits, which singles it out advantageously among similar events on the territory of this country. This allows to focus the attention of spectators and participants on this historical period, help them to understand the historical process comprehensively. As the festival is held in our forest-steppe region, proceeding from historical reality we have the right to present the following groups which co-existed either in peace or opposition on the territory of Lipetsk Region in the IX-XI centuries: Slavs – Vyatichi and Northerners (Romny and Borshchevo culture), Nomads - Khazars and Alans (Saltovo and Mayatskoye culture), Varangians (prince’s armed force culture in Kiev Russia).

Interesting facts

The festival participants are military and historical clubs and individuals studying and restoring the material objects from the mentioned historical era. The festival is international as there are clubs from Byelorussia, Ukraine taking part in it besides the Russians. Ladeynoye Pole is the only regatta in the Central Federal District in which replicas of Middle Ages vessels take part. There are also six sailboats from the Early Middle Ages taking part in the festival, they were made according to various shipbuilding traditions of Old Russia.


399762, Russia, Lipetsk Region, Yeletsky District, village of Yeletsky, the crossing of M-4 “Don” highway and Yelets-Krasnoye road