Cossack Popular Culture Festival “Tatarsky Val” (Tartar Earthen Wall)

с. Песковатка-Казачья, Усманский район, Липецкая область, Россия

Cossack Festival “Tatarsky Val”


 This event takes place as a part of familiarizing with popular culture, strengthening of traditions and cultural roots of Russian people and other people living in Russia. The place for the festival was chosen not accidentally, a free Cossack detachment had defended the position on the bank of the Usman river from hordes of Crimean Tartars. Besides folklore group performances, there will be songs performed by their authors at the festival. Arts and crafts will be presented on long benches, craftsmen will conduct master classes for everyone who wishes to take part in them. Besides that, the organizers of the festival arrange horse riding, shooting at the shooting range, sports competitions. A. Vitakov, a well-known singer performing his songs, writer and poet, was the guest of honour at the festival-2015. It will be interesting for tourists to meet brilliant creative people under Cossacks banners. Experts in Russian lapta (ball game similar to rounders), face-to-face combat, popular games and spirited amusements, artists and popular toy masters, potters and lace-makers will take part in the festival. All of them are ready to demonstrate the uniqueness of their activities and present the traditions of the region to guests of the festival.

Interesting facts

 In 2015 the village of Peskovatka-Boyarskaya founded in 1615 as a Cossack outpost on the way of nomads going into the inner parts of Russia, celebrated its 400th anniversary.


Russia, Lipetsk Region, Usmansky District, Usman river embankment in the vicinity of the village of Peskovatka-Boyarskaya