The Lipetsk region based in January 6, 1954. It was formed from the outlying areas of four neighboring regions - Ryazan, Voronezh, Kursk and Orel. The region is located in the forest steppe zone of the Upper Don basin at the junction of the Central Russian Upland and the Oka-Don plain.

People have settled here since ancient times. The first settlement which was dated (Gagarin parking) refers to the Paleolithic and appeared in this area 22 thousand years ago. In the territory of modern Lipetsk (parking "Lipetsk Lake") lived people of the Neolithic (3 - 5 millennium BC). Scythians and Polovtsians wandered along the territory of the region, Finno-Ugrians built fortified settlements.

The Slavs began colonization of the region in the 9th-11th centuries. Specific principalities were originally part of the Grand Duchy of Chernigov, later - Ryazan, and later - Moscow. It was our prince Fyodor Yeletsky with the ambuscade regiment, drove 30 miles and beat the hordes of Mamai on Kulikovo Field. After exactly 15 years on our land there was "Eletskoy miracle", when the hordes of Tamerlane, which have destroyed Yelets, sharply turned back. After liberation from the Mongolian dominion, the development of black soil center of the country resumed.

At the beginning of the XVII century in the territory of the modern Lipetsk region people had counted four cities - Yelets, Lebedyan, Romanov, Dankov, and 241 populated settlements. Since establishing of the Belgorod Zasechnaya Line (1635-1653) people began to build walled town Dobry, Sokolsk, Belokolodsk, Talitsk, Usman and others.

In the XVII-XVIII centuries. the territory of modern Lipetsk region was part of the Azov province, where the Russian fleet was born. This time is associated with the name of Peter I. Since the end of the XVII century, the construction of large iron-making enterprises began. Settlements of workers was based near the factories. One of these settlements was Lipetsk Sloboda, which gave birth to the city of Lipetsk.

In the XVIII century, the boundaries of the Russian Empire moved far to the south, and the region lost its frontier value, which ensured the growth of large landed estates. Lipetsk region, which was rich of black soil, became in the XIX century known and as a resort of mineral waters.

During the Great Patriotic War, during the Yelets operation, the Nazi invaders were in encirclement and they were destroyed. This was a "rehearsal" of the upcoming victories near Moscow and Stalingrad. The names of our fellow countrymen entered not only in Russian, but also in world history.

Since formation of the region, a powerful production and technical complex has been created. Lipetsk region was awarded the Order of Lenin for success in the development of the national economy on July 4, 1967. The center of the region - Lipetsk has turned into a modern city with half a million population.